Sourdough Starter Instructions:

Combine100g warm water and the dehydrated starter in jar or tupperware that can hold up to 500g. Stir the mixture well. Add 100g bread flour and stir again. It’s ok if there’s a few undissolved or dry chips of the dehydrated starter left in the mix. It will look like thick pancake batter.

Cover loosely and place in a warm, draft free environment for 24 hours. You should see some bubbles and it will have a billowy, loose texture.

Refresh the starter by discarding 150g. You now have 50g of the original starter left. Add 100g warm water and 100g bread flour to the starter. Stir until you see no dry clumps of flour.

Let ferment for four to six hours. Once it bubbles, floats in water and smells tangy, but sweet you’re good to go!

If not, continue feeding this way for two to three days.


*Tap water is fine, but not chlorinated. If you water is treated you may leave a pitcher of it out over night, covered, and use this for your starter and bread.

*It’s helpful if you tare your empty container before you start the process.

*This process provides of 200g to work with with 50g leftover to feed each time for a total starter weight of 250g.