Thanksgiving Pie Intensive October 24.25.26

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Thanksgiving Pie Intensive October 24.25.26


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays simply because we get to sit around the table (awkwardly or not) with friends and family and share pies. Interested in getting to the next level with your crust? Need a confidence booster before you reveal your creation after the turkey? Come join us for our three-day thanksgiving pie intensive!

Six years ago I stared making pies to sell at the farmer’s market using a tart dough recipe from an old bakery I worked at. Over the years the flours, methods and rolling styles have grown and I’m excited to present to you my most recent methods for a good crust and how to determine what kind of flake you need to match your filling.

We’ll be working out of our new book, A Baker’s Year, crafting the classics: apple, sweet potato and pecan pies. Our crusts will range in whole grain to sifted flour and we explore all butter, butter and lard and sourdough pie crust! Each participant will receive a signed copy of the book along with NEW information and formulas you can’t find anywhere else.

All our pies will be baked in our, outdoor, wood fired oven.

Come listen to the leaves rustle with me!

Day one: apple pie with an all butter, whole wheat crust

Day two: sweet potato pie with a butter and lard, sifted flour crust

Day three: pecan pie with an all butter and sourdough starter crust

Topics covered:

Anatomy of wheat, soft wheats in particular

Mealy to flakey pie crust

The use of different fats in pie dough

Using whole grain and fresh flour in your pie crust

How to cut in the butter to your dough for various effects

How to properly roll your pie crust

Tips and tricks for baking in a home oven

Blind baking (pre-baking)

How to plan to have your pie ready for a dinner or party

Coffee and tea breads will be served in the morning as we check in with ourselves and the oven. A light, seasonal lunch along with whatever fresh tarts we are pulling from the oven will form our daily lunch together. A glass or wine or sparkling beverage to accompany.

The workshop runs from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our cancellation policy is as follows: you may receive 50% back up to four week ahead of class. If it is past the four week mark you may send a family member or friend in your place. For more information about our policies and where to stay visit our what to expect and where to stay pages here on the website.

I look forward to baking with YOU.

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