Sourdough & Rye Bread August 22.23.24

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Sourdough & Rye Bread August 22.23.24


Are you curious about the differences between wheat and rye? Interested in learning two simple and nourishing breads to bake at home easily over a weekend or holiday? Then join us for our new three day baking intensive!

I was recently revived my love of rye on a trip to New England where I consumed a severe amount of the delicious “brown squares” alongside cheese, butter and wine. Upon coming home, I cranked up the mill and set to work experimenting with scaling rye, sprouting seeds and baking dense loaves slow and low in the cooling heat of the wood fired oven.

Rye flour presents certain challenges to the baker, both seasoned and novice so we will begin the workshop by making our classic, hard red wheat, plowman loaf. This will deepen our understanding of the fundamental properties and development of gluten and wheat based fermentation. Our time will also be spent delving into sprouts, soakers, scalds and preferments. On the final day of the workshop we will mix, shape and bake our rye breads that we worked to prepare the day before.

Day one: flour basics, mixing, shaping and proofing the plowman.

Day two: baking the plowman and preparing for the rye.

Day three: mixing, shaping and baking the rye.

Topics covered:

Anatomy of wheat and rye

Basic fermentation in wheat and rye breads

How to maintain a wheat based starter

How to maintain a rye based starter

How to sprout seeds and nuts to create a bread soaker

How to scald rye flour

How to mill your own flour at home

Gluten properties and development

How to mix, shape and bake The Plowman

How to mix, shape and bake Rye

What cheeses and wines go best with each bread

Proper storage of each bread

Ways to recycle old loaves

Each participant will come away with a booklet of Smoke Signals formulas and baking tips along with three loaves of plowman bread and one hearty loaf of rye all baked in our outdoor, wood fired oven.  PLUS a signed copy of our book: A Baker’s Year!

Coffee and tea breads will be served in the morning as we check in with ourselves and the oven. A light, seasonal lunch along with whatever fresh bread we are pulling from the oven will form our daily lunch together. A glass or wine or sparkling beverage to accompany.

The workshop runs from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our cancellation policy is as follows: you may receive 50% back up to four week ahead of class. If it is past the four week mark you may send a family member or friend in your place. For more information about our policies and where to stay visit our what to expect and where to stay pages here on the website.

I look forward to baking with YOU.


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